Spotlight of the week: Reclaimed Wood Bird Feeders Spotlight

When I started this website, I set out to create a place to showcase products made by local people or small businesses that make a real difference.  I found a local retired veteran who uses his skills to create beautiful bird houses and feeders made from reclaimed wood.  


He starts by drawing up his designs on the computer and that is where the computer aid stops.  He then begins building every piece by hand then assembles each one giving them each a unique character.  One of the things I like about the products he makes is, they're easy to use for you and the birds.  I'm really excited about these products.  They're made one of our veterans and everyone sold means less waist in the land fill.  In today's world of environmental hyping, it is refreshing to find someone that is doing something to actually make a difference.  This is what we're all about.  We search for individuals or small businesses that don't just talk about what they can do but actually make a difference.  

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