Spotlight of the Week - Rustic Barn Wood Clocks

So how many of you find yourself sitting in your bedroom or Livingroom and you can’t see what time it is.  You end up getting up and go have a look at the microwave only to find it flashing 12:00.  Then you find yourself looking around Walmart for a clock and it is all cheap made in China junk. 

Well check out these clocks that are hand made using reclaimed wood.  These clocks are really amazing!  They’re built out of some of the most beautiful and rustic wood out there and to finish it off, these are wrapped in cast iron.  My favorite part of these is the cast iron clock hands.  They just finish it off and give it the perfect look.  But let’s not forget the best part of these clocks, they are built using wood that would have been discarded.  You can enjoy an amazing clock and save wood that would have ended up in a land fill.  So, I guess you can have your cake and eat it too.  We haven’t even talked about their style yet.  These clocks look great in any décor.  If you have a log cabin…. Great!  If you have home in the suburbs… Great!  If you have an apartment in the city… Great!  These clocks just go with any décor.  So, when you get done looking at the clocks in Walmart, take a few minutes and look these clocks over and find the size that fits in your place.

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