Spotlight of the week: Rustic Reclaimed Wood 8 Hook Mug Holder

This week's spotlight goes to our rustic eight-hook mug rack.  This mug rack comes from our supplier who takes discarded barn wood and turns it into something special for the kitchen or in the family room or even by the hot chocolate dispenser.  Here at The Alice Exchange, we do what we can to select products smartly sourced and handmade. This eight-cup mug rack is no exception.  If it's a matter of color, we have you covered.  Choose from a variety of colors to match your whatever color scheme you come up with. 

Rustic reclaimed wood 8 hook mug holder

           This supplier found a need to clear away old, dilapidated barns, clearing farmland of unwanted materials that could still be used.  Now everyone can have a little bit of Americana history in their home.  We will continue to work with small businesses and individuals to find unique products that are handmade and responsibly sourced whenever possible.  We have really enjoyed working this this supplier and look forward to finding many more to share with you.

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