The Ozo-Pod 10 Roving Blue Ozonated Water Purifier Secound View
The Ozo-Pod 10 Roving Blue Ozonated Water Purifier
The Ozo-Pod 10 Roving Blue Ozonated Water Purifier Third View

The Ozo-Pod 10 Roving Blue Ozonated Water Purifier

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The Ozo-Pod 10 Roving Blue Ozonated water makes water safer by infusing it with a cloud of ozone gas.  Used by water treatment plants and water bottlers world-wide, ozone is the strongest oxidizer available that can be safely used in water treatment

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 Tap on into Purity™ Using the Ozo-Pod® 10, which gives you the power of ozone- Helping you to purify water in your own kitchen. 

  1. Water Quality Association, “Ozone for POU, POE and Small Water System Water Treatment Applications,” Lisle, IL 1999
  2. Easy to use, the Ozo-Pod® 10 will quickly bring 5 gallons of water up to 1PPM ozone concentration within minutes.
  3. Pour water into a receptacle of your choice, then place the pod so that it is completely submerged.

You will quickly find that the uses are endless:

  • Odiferous athletic gear
  • Vegetables from the farmer's market
  • The kitchen sink/garbage disposal  
  • Smelly sponges
  • Smelly pets

Encased in a stainless steel, the Ozo-Pods® for a rugged yet elegant for years of use, at the campsite or kitchen.  Producing ozone in water not air, there is no air pump- No moving parts to wear out or clog. A bonus feature is that most of the ozone stays in the water as a cloud as opposed to bubbling through - this will limit your exposure because ozone in higher concentrations is not good to breathe.

(Note: Do not use for ozonating olive oil. This does not bubble ozone, it infuses it directly into water, so you cannot use it with oil as the unit needs water to produce ozone.)

The Ozo-Pod® is not currently available for purchase in the following states: CO, DC, HI, IN, NV, OK, WY