The Alice Exchange was started to create a place that brings together products that are unique and/or responsibly sourced and built with handmade quality.  We’ve brought together what we think is the best collection of products from small businesses from around the United States.

We’ve searched to find some of the most responsible companies that share our goals In using materials that perhaps one day hurt our planet.  Now, because of the imagination of like minded individuals, each product stands alone in its effort to use materials otherwise discarded. Once cluttering up the landfills and oceans; has now become a fantastic new product.

In conjunction, with products engineered in an environmentally friendly manner, we also look for the hard to find, unique product ideas not readily available just anywhere. Perfect for those hard to shop for individuals such as, coworkers, friends and loved ones who are as Unique as the products that make them happy. From the rustic, to the ocean fearing individual, from coast to coast, we have something for them all.

Some product's has a story, from the basic idea to the finished creation. We look for individuals who have started their businesses from a humble beginning, with a story as unique as the products they make. These select manufactures are as individual and inspiring as our customers. We celebrate the hometown heart in all of them, taking simple ideals and making them into something special using a host of old and discarded materials such as barn wood, scrap metal and even unwanted plastics. We’ll support those who make it their business to find better ways of using the unwanted when ever possible.        

Not only do we back good business practices. We support the fight against Alzheimer’s. We feel that giving back and supporting good causes is non-negotiable. Over the last several years, our Mother has been battling with Alzheimer’s, changing the world around us. Taking care of a loved one who is suffering from such a horrible debilitating disease, takes its toll on every member of the family. This made choosing to support the fight against Alzheimer’s personal.  We’re dedicated to support the cause by contributing 10% of profits to find a cure. The Alice Exchange looks forward to the day when no one will have to see one of their loved ones battle Alzheimer’s.